Keystone Farm


Perfect Pastured Pork

Keystone Farm is a small family-owned traditional mixed farm in Cambridge Ontario.  Our current interests are pastured Berkshire, Tamworth, and Iron Age pigs. We also run a small 12-hive apiary that produced over 200 pounds of raw honey in 2013.

We are a niche market producer of humanely raised pastured pigs that make great tasting meat. We are a farrow to finish farm, which allows us to ensure that the animals we market are raised from beginning to end to our standards.

Keystone Farm market pigs:

  1. -Have been fed a 100% vegetarian diet

  2. -Have never been given antibiotics of any kind

  3. -Have never been given hormones or artificial growth accelerators

  4. -Have daily outdoor pasture access

  5. -Have deep straw and hay bedding for nesting

  6. -Are heritage breed pigs well suited to outdoor life and slow growth

  7. -Are treated with love and respect :)

We also produce in season market vegetables. All of our produce is grown without pesticides or herbicides and is hand picked and processed.